Наши конкурсы

Конкурсная программа анимационных фильмов «О городах и горожанах»

 - «Ветер»/Wind (реж. Robert Löbel/Германия/2013/2’49)_1

Конкурсная программа анимационных фильмов «О городах и горожанах»

 - «Ничего, Кроме Воды»/Nothing Else But Water (реж. Carlos De Carvalho/Франция/2014/4’42)
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The Best “Cats and the City” animated and fiction cat viral film
Only films hosted on Youtube or Vimeo with no less than 50 000 views can participate in the competition

The competition is dedicated to the image of a cat as a totem animal of modern urban citizen and Muse (or better Mews) of street and internet art. Cat’s omnipresence and independence are highly appreciated by anonymous user, the main inhabitant of the world wide web. Amazing ability to get into where nobody can get, and to do whatever it wants makes street artist to give so much value to cats. For metropolis inhabitants petting a cat is the only chance to enjoy the nature. Cat as a trickster makes urban bustle and internet traffic a game, causing CATartic laughter of people, exhausted by civilization. The omnipresent and omnipotent Kitteh - the theme of our competition.
The curatorof the competition is Zarathustra, the cat that improves famous paintings at FatCatArt.com

Members of jury, including famous internet cats and cultural professionals connected to city cats culture from St. Petersburg and Amsterdam will choose The Best City Cat.

The Jury:
Anna Kondratieva - Cats Museum director and founder of "Cats Republic" in St.Petersburg, the first cat cafe in Europe and cats rescue group.
Maria Khaltunen, - the State Hermitage Museum's director referrent, press-secretary of the Hermitage cats
Yury Kuklachev - clown, cat trainer, the director of Moscow Cat Theatre
Yury Andreev - the chief of Veterinary Department of St.Petersburg

With special appearance of Simon's Cat - 2 times "Cats and the City" winner, who will present his new film "Pizza Cat" offline premiere

Requirements for the films:
Short films duration max. 5 min. Completed in the last 5 years, hosted in full format on Youtube or Vimeo with no less than 50 000 views can participate in the competition.
Theme: Cats and the City: cats and their humans, cats in human perception: LOLcats and grumpy cats, fat cats and long cats - everything about cats
Techniques: all kinds of animation (2D and 3D drawing, stop-motion, wall-painted, etc.), live shooting, found footage
Genre: all, including applied animation.
Films submission format: good quality film files on video hosting or uploaded to ftp.
Warning: submissions can be rejected because of low quality of the film files that makes them impossible to be projected to 400sq.m huge screen.
Submissions for the competition: NO LATER than August, 5th
Films, distributed by Creative Commons licenses can be sent to the competition by enthusiastic spectators, not by authors personally.
To submit your works you should send a mail with the subject “Cats and the City” competition”, link to the video at Youtube or Vimeo, credits and author’s contacts:
mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cats and the City 2012: