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Multi-Bridge CTC resume

Summer open air public art project Multi-Bridge CTC by Multivision Festival took place at night from 29 to 30 August and gathered more than 20 000 spectators
How it was:


Our competitions winners

Winners of the Best “City and Citizens” short animated film competition

The Best “City and Citizens” film prize and 700 euros go to "Wind" by Robert Löbel, Germany, 2013


Special mentions by the Jury:

•    For the love story that ends in another way than in real life - "Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou", by Michael Bidinger, Michelle Kwon, USA, 2014.


  • For beautiful forms – "The Master’s Voice: Caveirão by Guilherme Marcondes", France, 2014

  • For being smartphone free - "Life Smartphone" by Xie Chenglin, China 2015


Winner of the Best “Cats and the City” animated and fiction cat viral film competition


Cat Animation - The Cats of YouTube, by Richard Swarbrick, UK



Special nomination «The Cutest Cat Character»:
«Laser Cat», by Byron Gatt,, USA


Congratulations to the winners!